Annual Labor Day Weekend Getaway

Meadow Park - Big Bear Lake, CA

Sept 4, 2021

MEN'S "E"   _____________________

Champions   Old Skool - VICTORVILLE, CA.

 2nd Place – Not Good Enough - Apple Valley,CA
3rd Place – Sandlot - Ridgecrest, CA.
4th Place – Team Huerta - Coachella, CA.

All Tournament Team

MVP – Charlie Contreas - Old Skool

Levi Moat - Old Skool

David Palomino - Old Skool

Mario Garcia - Old Skool

Micheal Goodwin - Not Good Enough

Walter Sevilla - Not Good Enough

John Lucus - Not Good Enough

Becca O’Donell - Sandlot

Mike Drake - Sandlot

Jose Garcia - Team Huerta

COED _________________________

Champions – FTBU - San Diego, CA

2nd Place – Just Clownin - Carson, CA

3rd Place – Bombay - Los Angeles, CA

4th Place – UMAD – 29 Palms, CA


All Tournament Team

MVP – Rob Wurz - FTBU

Dez Brown - FTBU

Amey Savio - FTBU

Nae Key- FTBU

Teresa Nava - Just Clownin

Chrian Valdez - Just Clownin

Jerry De Castro - Just Clownin

Liz Lopez - Bombaz

Jonathan Guerra - Bombaz

Santos Adams - UMAD



AV Softball has announced a RULES UPDATE that will take effect on October 1, 2021.   The below rule updates supersede any prior rule or understanding.  These and other AV rules can always be found on the web site.   It is the obligation of the manager to know these rules and use them as guidance when putting together your roster.

When contacting AV Softball with a player eligibility question, or any other question, you MUST do so prior to the day of the tournament.  It is the responsibility of the manager to know this rule and avoid showing up to a tournament with a questionable player.  An illegal player can cause your team to forfeit all games and fees. Contact AV early to avoid problems.

Any player who plays “Conference” softball, or who individually or as a team member, rated “C” or above, is automatically NOT permitted to play in AV tournaments.  AV will consider a manager’s appeal if special circumstances or another reason might have affected such a rating.   AV Softball has sole discretion to grant or deny your appeal.

AV Softball runs slow pitch tournaments in two different formats.  The primary difference is the grouping or separation of levels.  Prior to the tournament, AV Softball shall designate which of these two formats is being used for a particular tournament.

REC Division :  Maximum 2 players that are rated “D” or “E” – No “C” or above
“E” Division :   Maximum 3 “D” players  -  No “C” or above
“D” Division:    Maximum 2 “C” players  -  No “B” or above

“E/REC” Division:  Maximum 2 “D” players -  No “C” or above
“D/E”  Division :  Maximum of 2 “C” players -  No “B” or above

AV Softball rules differ slightly from those of the SSUSA (Senior Softball USA), the national governing body of “Senior Softball”.   AV Softball has issued new rules for Senior Softball players and teams, individual seniors looking to play on non-Senior Softball teams and for the use of Senior Softball bats.

AV softball considers any player age 50 or over, to be a “Senior” and specifically does NOT consider players age 40-49 or below to be “Senior”.  No Senior Softball individual player or team ranked “MAJOR PLUS” by SSUSA,  are permitted to play in AV Softball tournaments.  Managers may appeal to AV Softball, but it must be done prior to game day.  AV Softball reserves the right to require proof-of-age for any person playing in an AV Softball tournament.  If a player is not currently rated, AV reserves the right to determine the eligibility of that player.

Any player who is age 50 or over, is allowed to swing “Official Senior Softball” bats in any AV tournament.  The bats must legibly bear the official “SENIOR SOFTBALL” stamp and may not exceed 1.21 BPF.  NO player age 49, or younger, is permitted to swing an “Official Senior Softball” bat under any circumstance and shall be considered to being using an illegal bat if they do so.   It is the responsibility of the manager and the player using an “Official Senior Softball” bat to inform the team’s other non-senior players that they CAN NOT use that Senior bat.  Any non-compliance with this rule can cause your team to forfeit that game and others in which the illegal bat was used and possibly other penalties.

AV softball welcomes, in whole or in part, teams that are primarily Senior Softball teams to participate in AV Softball tournaments.  The manager must provide the current team and individual player ratings to AV Softball prior to the tournament to allow time to verify the information.   AV Softball maintains the sole right to place a team in whatever division (E,D,Rec, etc) that AV Softball determines is appropriate.

AV Softball will require each manager to sign a tournament agreement form prior to the start of their first game.  The manager must confirm, in writing, that he/she has not falsified any information or document and to certify that all players meet the AV Softball eligibility requirements.  If the manager does not or refuses to sign the agreement, it can cause the team to be removed from the tournament and other possible penalties.

AV Softball requires all teams to pay their entire tournament fee prior to the team’s first game of the day;  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If the fees are not paid prior to the start of the team’s first game, their first game will be held up, with the game clock running, until the entire tournament fee is paid.  Failure to pay can cause removal from the tournament and other penalties.

AV Softball does not currently require players or spectators to wear masks while at the tournament nor is vaccination required.   AV rules will not permit those with “reasonably visible or measurable” COVID symptoms to attend or play in AV tournaments.   AV has the right to use laser, “no contact” thermometers or other tools to check any player or spectator at anytime.  AV will also maintain the right to remove from the game AND facility,  any player or spectator who fails to submit to a symptom check  or any person that exhibits any behavior that flaunts, ignores or encourages an unsafe act or practice.   AV asks that each player/spectator take personal responsibility by not attending any tournament if they have a temperature above 99 degrees, is feeling ill, has lost any sense of taste or smell.  AV requests all tournament attendees to practice social distancing when possible..

AV Softball has numerous rules and guidelines clearly spelled out for teams/players to view at any time on our web site.  For any instance whereby a rule has not been made or any other circumstance resulting in rule uncertainty, AV Softball and/or the Tournament Director shall have the sole right to clarify, interpret or even make the rule or ruling, on the spot if necessary.




All listed tournaments are a minimum

3 game guarantee except Nov 26

NOV 13 - Men's

NOV 20 - Men's

NOV 26 - AV Annual
"Day After Thanksgiving"   1-Pitch Tournament - 6 Gm Guarantee

NOV 27 - Men's

DEC 4 - Men's

DEC 11 - Men's

DEC 18 - Men's