It's something you look forward to once every year.  It's a special day unlike any other.  No, it's not Thanksgiving Day (although that's a big day too).  It is the AV SOFTBALL , "Day After Thanksgiving 1-Pitch Tournament" at Wheeler Park in Laverne, CA.

This year's event was a little different. OK, it was a LOT different.  Only Worth, aluminum bats were used.  And, remarkably, especially for the slugfest that this tournament usually turns into, NOT ONE home run left the yard.  That's right, zero bombs cleared the shallow center field fences of Wheeler Park. 

But along with no complaints, the day turned into a softball tournament of good defense, timely hitting and more fun than anyone expected.  Some games finished 3-0 & even 1-0.  Every game was close with a 15-10 and a 10-9 games being the highest scoring of the day & the only ones that got to double figures. 

GAPPER'S TEAM, led by Tournament MVP Aaron Cruz & his teammates Keithen Humprey, Kenyon Humbprey & Sean Caster, dominated the 8-team tournament going 6-0 in the round robin & then 2-0 in the playoffs to go undefeated and become the proud winners of full sub hoodies. 

DEATH ROW, from Fontana, took 2nd Place.  CHANGOS took 3rd Place followed by RONIN who finished in 4th Place.  See our TOURNAMENT RESULTS PAGE for the full  list of All Tournament players.

"Everyone adapted well to the supplied, Worth aluminum bats," said AV's Al Acosta. "We'll be doing more aluminum, bat-supplied tournaments in the future and likely a wooden bat tournament somewhere on next year's schedule.  But everyone had close games and everyone had fun, which is what we like to see", Acosta added. 

AV has 3 tournaments remaining in 2022, all at Wheeler Park in Laverne.  Call now to get your team in for either December 3rd, 10th or 17th. 

Thanks again for playing AV SOFTBALL.