"It was a great tournament, all the way around", said AV's Al Acosta.  "We had great weather, a lot of spectators and some of the top teams anywhere.   But we're looking to make it even better next year", he added.

Acosta had previously announced that the WORLDS Tournament will be AV Softball's ONLY ring tournament in the future.  But starting at next year's WORLDS, there will be 4 divisions with their limited # of teams going to those who earliest post a deposit for tournament entry.

Acosta added, "Teams really liked the format that we ran this  year.  They  like the Idea that its not a round robin but win/lose on Saturday Bracket tournament.    Even if a team starts out 0-2, they still have a chance to make it into Sunday’s double elimination tournament.  Once a team makes it into Sunday, all teams start off 0-0."

AV would like to again thank all of the teams, families, fans and umpires for continuing the tradition of AV WORLDS Tournament being  one the USA's best.

For complete results including every All Tourney selection, visit our TOURNAMENT RESULTS page.





AV Softball's 2019 WORLDS TOURNAMENT  lived up to it's reputation as one of the biggest tournaments anywhere on November 2-3 in Henderson/Las Vegas, NV.   There were epic battles,

comebacks, walk-offs, great pitching and of course, great and timely hitting.   WORLDS was truly the best teams playing their best softball.

"D" Division -  EAGLE PAINT, all the way from Atlanta, GA, went 7-1 while double-dipping BIG NASTY for the WORLDS championship. EAGLE PAINT was led by MVP JIM NASH.   All Tourney selections for EAGLE PAINT also were awarded to Mitch Ward, Gary Powell & Gary Bull for their outstanding performances.

"E" Division  -  MAJOR THREAD did it the hard way.  Saturday's first game was won by rolling a 4 in the bottom of the last inning.   Each of their first 3 Sunday games were also won by a single run, again scored in the bottom of the last inning.  But wait, there's more.  MAJOR THREAD won the Championship Game 23-22 and AGAIN, did so by rolling a 3 in the bottom of th e 7th.  High drama & a big win. Tournament MVP went to DAVID ACUNA.

"E/REC" Division -  Team FAMILY went a cool 6-0 in winning the Championship for the first time in seven years. Led by MVP ERIC CUELLAR, Team FAMILY kept it in the family too;  most of their players are, indeed, family members along with a couple of good, friends of the family.



AV SOFTBALL's Al Acosta did the right thing.  After announcing the 2018 Player "CHIP" Rules, he listened to ways to tweak it to make it more fair & balanced.  Many players reached out to Al to offer input and, to his credit, Al encouraged the player's comments in reaching a final version for the 2018-2019  Chip Rules.

AV SOFTBVALL will be running D5, D4, D3, D2  & D1 divisions and special tournaments.  Here is the breakdown  on eligibility requirements for players in these tournaments:

D - Division will be allowed 3-4 Chips depending on Chips
E - Division will be allowed 1-2 Chips depending on Chips
Rec - Division will be allowed 1 Chip depending on Chip

Please make sure to ask about your chip players if they can play, if have not played yet.   
Chip players not allowed to play if rated A, Open, Major.

***  sometimes, a player may be "overrated".  For example, a player may appear on a "C" roster but perhaps that player never actually played for that team or there were other circumstances whereby that player should not be rated a "C".   You MUST CHECK WITH AVBEFORE  THE  DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT  if you have any questions about such players.  AV will then gather more information and make a final determination.

Teams, and specifically Team Managers are expected to know all player eligibility rules and are required to advise AV about the identity of any "chips" in your lineup.   Any failure to properly inform AV of a "chip" could result in a team forfeiting games, their tournament fee and/or any prizes.  

Please contact Al Acosta at Al@AVsoftball.com with any questions on the 2018  AV SOFTBALL Chip Rules.    Thanks again for playing AV SOFTBALL and we look forward to a great & competitive 2018.