FEBRUARY 24 ______________

The tournament scheduled for this Saturday in Lancaster has been CANCELED due the death of a family member.   Please include AV's Al Acosta & his family in your prayers & we'll see everyone again March 3rd in Palmdale.

Competitive balance always makes for a great tournament and at the AV SOFTBALL "Special Ring Tournament" on February 10th at Chino Hills Community Park,  that was proven to be true again.

Eight games went  into extra innings.   One of the division Championship's went into extra innings.   Both top seeds in Divisions 4 & 5, lost their first Championship Game and had to play an "if" game.  In both of those, the top seed managed to come back and win.

"It was a very balanced tournament", said AV's Al Acosta.   "Really, any of these teams could have won in their division.   Great tournament".    Congrats to HITMEN/BG, the winner of Division 4 and to FATT DAWGS who took Division 5.

AV will soon announce dates for another Special Ring Tournament later  in the year.   It will be by invite only and there will be a limited number of teams.   Watch for details here soon.

Thanks again,  to all of the teams who play with us at AV SOFTBALL.

AV SOFTBALL's Al Acosta announced the player classification requirements, or "chip" rules, for the upcoming 2018 season.    AV will be running REC, "E", "D" and upper division and special tournaments this year.   So here is the breakdown  on eligibility requirements for players in these tournaments:

REC -  Can have up to 3  "E" players

"E"  -  Can have up to 2  "D" players

"D" -  Can have up to 2 "C" players

UPPERS -  Can have up to 2 Major players

Some tournaments will run as "REC / "E"  or   "E / D"  depending on the teams entered.

Teams, and specifically Team Managers, will be required to advise AV about the identity of any "chips" in your lineup.   Any failure to properly inform AV of a "chip" could result in a team forfeiting games, their tournament fee and/or any prizes. 

Please contact Al Acosta at Al@AVsoftball.com with any questions on the 2018  AV SOFTBALL Chip Rules.    Thanks again for playing AV SOFTBALL and we look forward to a great & competitive 2018.