1-Pitch Rules

1.    30 Min. games

2.    Coin flip to determine home team

3.    Must be ready to play 10 minutes before your game time – If Not – Team Will Forfeit

4.    You will pitch to your own team – Pitcher must be a batting player

5.     Can pitch from anywhere behind the 25 feet white fair line

6.    You have 25 seconds before ump says pitch (after 3rd out)

7.   1 pitch only, must be fair or batter is out

8.     When going from Offense to Defense – you have 25 seconds – Before ump says pitch

9.     Can bat up to 12 players

10.    12 run mercy rule after 5

11.    If swinging bunt happens and ball doesn’t pass the fair 25 ft line area - batter is out

12.    No lead offs - Must stay on base until ball is hit

13.    2 Courtesy runners per inning - Last out must run  – Can burn a runner

14.    If batted ball hits any part of pitcher, batter is out. (Umps discretion)

15.    Defense team can play 10th player behind 2nd base or anywhere on the field

16.    Defense team must have a catcher

17.    Ball is live until ump calls time out

18.    Last defensive player holding ball, should call time out before giving ball back to pitcher

19.    Pitcher is not part of defensive team – ball is dead if pitcher touches ball

20.    If game is tied after 30 Min. or 7 innings, tie/ breaker will apply. Last out to 2nd base

21.     One up rule on home runs – out if not your turn to hit home run

All Basic A&V Tournament Rules Will Also Apply

 ***Director has the right to forfeit any game if non-compliance to A&V Rules***