1.     Games are 55 MINUTES  - 
         (Regular Game - 60 minutes) (3rd Place Game – 70 minutes) (Championship Game - 80 minutes).
                                                             4 1/2 to 5 innings is considered a complete game.

2.     Umpire will call out GAME TIME from 40 to 10 min warnings. Umpire will not say how much time is left after 10 min warning, only that there is less than 10 Min. Time Has Expired or Ball Game. Keep Your Time

3.     Game time is forfeit time - Grace period can be given for 1st game only 5-10 minutes. Will start game with 8 players

4.     Must be ready to play 10 minutes before game time. (Coaches take notice). Will result in forfeit!

5.     At the end of 7 innings or time has expired. Tie Breaker will apply. (Last out will go to 2nd base to start inning). *NOTE* No courtesy runner for the last out until an out is recorded.

6.     Mercy Rule - 12 after 5. (Championship game - 15 run rule mercy after 5).

7.     Coin flip to determine home team. (Championship game undefeated team has option).

8.     Umpire is official scorekeeper. If questioning score, question must be asked before first pitch is made of inning played. Must have scorebook, For Both Teams - No questioning after 1st pitch is made, score stands.

9.     Must have 8 players to start game.


1.     Rosters can be asked to be turned in before first game, But must be turned in before 2nd game. Can result in Forfeit.

If any players are to play later in day, names must be on Roster when turned in - No Exceptions, If Roster Check is asked for, will result in forfeit of game if player or players are not on roster. All names must be legible.

2.     Tournament fee due after 1st game, some tournaments due at check in time.

3.     No player will play on 2 teams in same tournament weekend. Will result in forfeit. (Men to Coed is OK)


1.     Arc Pitch - Pitch must have an arc. Not lower than batter's waistline/beltline & not higher than 10 feet.

2.      Plate & Mat are strikes.

3.      Count is 1 ball and 1 strike on batter to start (1 and 1).

4.      Umpire will call Illegal, Flat, High on pitches. If batter hits pitch, ball is live.

5.      Pitcher must have foot on mound or be in 5ft area behind mound when releasing pitch

6.      Pitching mask is MANDAORY, No pitcher will be allowed to pitch without some kind of face protector.


1.    Can bat up to 14 players. All field position players must bat – Up to 14 Awards will only be given out

2.    Must let umpire know how many you are batting. Turn in batting slip. (Ask Director if need extra)

3.     Batting slip is official line up. If not batting 14, may add a player to bottom of batting slip, only

            when player arrives late to game. - Let umpire know. Straight sub only / No re-entry

4.     Swings Must Be Full - "Caca"  Swing, Must Go Up and Over Infield, If Not, Will be called out.  (Umpires Discretion)

5.      Count is 1 ball and 1 strike to start (1 and 1).  (In inclement weather count will start at 2-2, one to waste)

6.     Has to be fair after 2 strikes. (Exception – In Inclement weather, one to waste - count is 2-2)

7.     Arc Pitch - Pitch must have an arc. Not lower than batter's waistline/beltline & not higher than 10 feet.

8.      Plate & Mat are strikes.

9.      Umpire will call out "illegal" on Pitches, he feels are illegal, if Batter hits illegal called ball play is live.

10.     Bats can be banned if we feel they have been altered or tampered with. Bat must have ASA-USSSA-Senior Stamp.

                   Check to see which bats are legal to use. Note: If Batter uses illegal bat – Batter will called out and play is dead.

11.     1 up rule on homeruns (Out If No Homerun). Walk off homeruns OK - Batter and all base runners go back to dugout once homerun is hit, NO GIVE UP RULE ON HOME RUNS.

12.      Batter can be called out for give up rule “IF NOT A HOMERUN” (Umpire Discretion).


13.       When your team is batting - All bats, equipment and players, must be in dugout, must have one on deck batter & 2 coaches in coaches box, when on defense all bats, equipment and all other players will be in dugout, if not Umpire will call ball dead and either give a warning, call runner out, not let runners advance, or advance runners 1 or 2 bases.

14.     Umpire must call "Time" before, you step out of batters box -this includes before, after and between pitches.

                     If not - pitch will count.  When asking for "time" make sure "time" is granted/ it is not automatic.



1.     There are NO lead offs - the runner must be on the base once the pitcher has the ball & is ready to pitch.  No runner can leave the base until the the ball is contacted by the batter.   HOWEVER, runners on Third Base  may leave the base ONLY in the direction of foul territory and BEHIND THE DESIGNATED LINE when the ball is RELEASED by the pitcher.   The Third Base runner MUST RE-TOUCH Third Base before advancing.     Runners on First Base are permitted to be in contact with EITHER the "safety" Orange base  OR the White, inside base but cannot break contact with the base until the batter contacts the ball.    No exceptions for runners at 2B.

2.     Unlimited Courtesy runners – Same runner cannot run in same inning – OUT if runner does RUN or Steps on Base

               If inning is over, runner cannot be called out. If it is an out and runner has scored, run will not count.

3.    Runner must slide or avoid contact with defensive player on double plays - (Umpires Discretion)

4.    If defensive player has ball, you must slide or will be called out for not sliding. (Umpires Discretion)

5.     Batter runner or base runners will be given 2 bases from release of ball once it goes out of play. - 2 bases will be    awarded from established base or start of play.

6.     Base runner or batter runner can be called out for verbal interference. (Umpires Discretion).

7.     Runners can Slide at Second and Third Base, CAN NOT Slide at First Base, ONLY GOING BACK TO FRIST BASE

8.     Commitment Line – Runner Passes this Line or Steps on Line, must continue to scoring line, IF NOT, Can go back to Third Base.

9.     Scoring Line - To Score, The Runner’s foot must be on the Ground, either on Line or Beyond the Line before player touches Home Plate with Ball. If Runner touches home plate or extension mat, it will be an automatic out.


1.     Teams will be allowed to score 5 runs per inning until open inning. Open inning there is no run limit (Unless Mercy Rule)

Note: Depending on the game. Regular game (at 50 minute) 3rd place game (at 60 minute) Championship game (at 70 minute)

2.     Umpire to announce start of open inning after the elapsed proper time OR within 4 minutes of elapsed proper time

3.    + 5  Runs will be given to any Senior team that plays a younger age group.  Example:  50's team plays a 40's team.  Runs are applied "1 run per inning"  beginning with the 1st inning.  No runs added after 5th inning.

4.     + 3 Runs at start of each game to any team that plays Upper to Lower in their age group. (65-60) (55-50) (45-40)


1.    If any protest is to be made, ask umpire to call Director – Must pay $25.00 fee. If no fee, you will be charged at later date and prizes may be held. Protest must be made at time of infraction, not after play has resumed and not after game.  No protest on Judgement calls.

2.    Appeals must be made before next pitch and after infraction, one appeal per base runner.


1.    If a player is ejected from a game that spot will be an out every at bat.  Must let ump and other team know who ejected batter follows. Can sub a player to play in ejected players spot but NO BATTING. If non starter sub bats, inning will end and all runs scored in that inning will not count. (Coaches take notice)

2.    If player is injured, and there is no substitute, that player's spot will be an out every time at bat.

3.     Any player or players using bad profanity words (especially "F" word) or "TAUNTING - INCLUDES

                  can be ejected from game or tournament. (Umpire/Directors Discretion. (Coaches take notice).

4.     Any player caught with alcohol on field or dug out area can be ejected from game or tournament.

5.      Any player that is under the influence of alcohol can be ejected from game or tournament.

6.    A ball player ejected for any reason from a game, AND refuses to leave the field and remains otherwise uncooperative with the tournament personnel will be suspended from further play in the tournament and may face further disciplinary action (suspended for 1 year or banned for life) and WILL cause team to forfeit game   (coaches take notice).


1.     Tournaments can run as upper and lower tournaments.

2.     Teams may play in higher or lower divisions if, permission is granted by A&V. Before you enter tournament not day of tournament.

3.       All Teams can have up to 3 younger players for their age group            

               (40’s player has to be 36-39)  (50’s player has to be 46-49) (60’s player has to be 56-59)
NOTE: A&V must know ahead of time that your team will be using these younger age group players

 4.   If any team has more than 3 players, team will forfeit all games and prizes.


1. It is your responsibility to make sure all your players obey and understand all A&V Tournament  Rules.

2. Be ready to play 10 min. before scheduled game time.

3. Only members of your senior team currently playing on the field are allowed in their designated dugout and area.

4. We will supply one new ball and one backup per game.  Each team is required to throw in backups as needed. Tournament Softballs - $5.00 each.


             **Director has the right to Forfeit Any Game, Eject Any Player for Non-Compliance to A&V Rules**